A yearly strength training plan for triathlon


I know most of you are in the middle of the racing season, but I thought you would like to know what are the plans for the Strength Training for 2019-2020 season.

From September we will be moving into the anatomical adaptation phase.

This is the best time to start your strength training. (but don’t feel that you need to wait until September!!! join now and you will be few weeks ahead!

You will learn new exercises and your body will have time to recoup, recover and adapt for a more stressful hypertrophy phase.

A Yearly Plan

Sep-Oct – Anatomical Adaptation Phase
Oct- Nov – Hypertrophy Phase
Nov-Dec – Max Strenght

Jan – Feb- Anatomical Adaptation
Feb – March Hypertrophy
March – April – Max Strength
May – June Race – Specific
June – August – Maintenance

If you are based in Edinburgh, you can attend our Strong Club – Strength for Triathlon sessions. ​

If you stay away from Edinburgh, you can become our distance member! Get in touch.

By The Kreative Athlete

I help busy professionals get strong, improve their movement quality and eat better so they can feel physically and mentally strong and achieve their goals.

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