The pivotal moment that decided my future

The pivotal moment that decided my future.

Without this brief conversation with Joanna, I would not open Fitness Soul, I would not finish 3 Ironman Triathlons, and I would never be able to finish Celtman.
Chances are, I would still be working in the pub, serving beer and wondering why others are making dreams come true, and not me.

And the story goes like this.

One evening, Joanna found an ad in which a pair of Olympians, now international fitness presenters, wanted to establish cooperation with other businesses. Without overthinking, she sent an e-mail with an enquiry.
I was stunned. We are too small, I argued, they will not even read it, how you can compare us to them, they have achieved so much.
According to Asia, we had nothing to lose.
My surprise reached the zenith when, after a few days, we received a positive e-mail confirming readiness to cooperate.
At that moment, I realized that the world belongs to the brave. If you do not try, you’ll never know what your true potential is. The more you open up to the world, the more you will experience it. And even if 80 per cent of the answers will be negative, head up, 20 per cent will be positive.
And what are you risking? Nothing, just rejection.

If you take this as an unavoidable part of the game, your ego will very soon accept small failures, and you will get the green light to implement all your ideas, even the craziest ones. Life is too short to live even one day longer in the

Fake it until you make it!

(did the photo grab your attention? )

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