Norseman 2019 – Bruce’s Training Update

Training update from Bruce Wilson - Norsman 2019

extreme triathlon training plan
Bruce left with his support runner during Celtman 2017

I’ve been doing my strength and conditioning set by Les at Fitness Soul for the last 5ish months. 

I’m a big believer in “real feel” training for @allxtri and similar events, by this, I mean that technically 2.5 hours banging out exactly 257 watts or running intervals on a treadmill might be the optimal training you can perform, but this doesn’t provide you with the mental toughness required for these events. It also makes sure you able to test your mandatory equipment – your fancy waterproof will be less than appealing if you find out it chafes will running. I think this is particularly true for folk taking part at my decidedly intermediate level.


That doesn’t mean you should neglect the fundamental basics, I regularly sit on the Turbo for hours at a time! I have really found that incorporating strength and conditioning sessions into my training has allowed me to push harder on both the bike/run and improved my efficiency in the water. Lifting heavy weights, particularly deadlift, has proven effective for elevating sciatic back pain and engaging my glutes. It also serves to provide variation within a training program, I like lifting weights. It’s quite soothing.

In summary, the S+C training coached by Les has provided me with a great base with which to take outside and try and whittle away at my times and improve consistency. It’s a good way to strike a balance and improve your resistance to injury – which is after all fundamental to your ability to get outside and train!


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