TRX Workout For Triathletes and Runners

Suspension training is easy, timesaving and very affordable. You only need TRX KIT (like this ) and the will.

Warm Up:

    1. Inchworm

    Perform 5x times

    2. Lunge Warm Up

    5x each exercise


    Set up the timer for 6 rounds of 30 sec work and 10 sec rest

    Perform 3 rounds ( choose your level for glutes and abs). 1 min of in between the rounds.

    1. Glutes

    2. ABS

    3. Row

    4. Push Up

    5. Biceps

    6. Triceps

    Cool Down

    Full Body Stretch

    Spend up to 30 sec in each position.


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    By The Kreative Athlete

    I help triathletes to get stronger, improve their movement quality and eat better so they can feel physically and mentally strong and achieve their goals.

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