Swiss Ball Core Workout For Triathletes and Runners

Swiss Ball Core Workout For Triathletes and Runners

A swiss ball can provide a platform for the whole workout routine. Increase the intensity of your workout by moving your feet closer together. The effort to remain balanced engages additional muscles.

Warm Up:

    1. 7 Ways Hips

    Perform 7x repetition per exercise, per leg.

    2. Lunge Warm Up

    5x each exercise


    Set up the timer for 6 rounds of 30 sec work and 10 sec rest

    Perform 3 rounds ( choose your level for glutes and abs). 1 min of in between the rounds.

    1. Glutes

    2. ABS

    3. Twist

    4. Core ABS

    5. Side Plank

    4. Core ABS 2

    Cool Down

    Full Body Stretch

    Spend up to 30 sec in each position.

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