Beginners Bodyweight Workout For Triathletes

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Warm Up:

  1. Start with 7 Way Hips. 

Perform 7 reps of each movement. Make sure you start with your weaker side.

2. Inchworm 5x times


1. Bridge

3 rounds of 7 reps. 30-sec rest in between rounds. Make sure that the hills are always down.

2. Push Up

3 rounds of 7 push-ups. If the full pushups are too hard, regress to push-ups on the knees (0:13)

3. Side Plank

First progression, regular plank.

Hold for 30 sec on each side. 3 rounds.

4. Hollow Body

Regular hollow body.

Hold for 30sec. 3 rounds.

Cool Down

Full Body Stretch

Spend up to 30 sec in each position.

PRINT OUT This Workout


TRX Workout For Triathletes and Runners

By The Kreative Athlete

I help triathletes to get stronger, improve their movement quality and eat better so they can feel physically and mentally strong and achieve their goals.

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