The day I’ve thrown my back out… The Back Pain Fix

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I was watching his wrist closely. That’s where I was focused, on the wrist and the Dunlop racket. I was standing in the t zone, the centre of the court, my body ready and alert. Reading from his body position, I was convinced that he would play straight down the line, but in the last moment, he has switched to the boast.
The little black ball was flying silently to the front left corner. That’s where I wanted to go too, but my legs have been already moving to the opposite side of the court.
I had to change direction very quickly. Too quickly.
I felt a little pop in my lower back, a massive jolt of pain went down my leg and suddenly my left leg lost all its strength. I collapsed on the wooden floor.
I only lost the point, but I knew that today’s game was over for me. My back was gone, again.
It has taken me 10 min to get out of the court, initially on my fours, then with the help of my opponent. Inscrusietig pain, quick visit the hospital, very heavy painkillers, and off the job for two weeks.
It wasn’t the first time. I had back problems for a long time now. Because of that, I was on leave many times. The back pain is the most common reason for work absence in the UK. And the doctors would offer me only pills and the rest.
I wanted more. I wanted a cure!
I started the research. Inversion table helped a bit, same as massage and chiropractor intervention, but the most significant breakout came with kettlebells and hips mobility.
It has turned out that a kettlebell swing is a fantastic tool for creating strong glutes and bulletproof backs. I started using it regularly;  light one to begin with and gradually going heavier and heavier. This was sensational! Even tho I was struggling at first, I have stuck to the routine. And I got better at it. I started feeling stronger.
Before, I would stop myself from sneezing, being afraid that this would move something in my back. Now I was free! For the first time after many, many months I could sleep the whole night.
I was converted. Kettlebells was a fix I was looking for!
Sometimes I wonder why the doctor doesn’t prescribe swings. The NHS would save millions!
I got so hooked on kettlebells that after two years I have stopped playing squash and focused entirely on them.
I have learned how to train with them from some of the best coaches in the world, and then I started EKC, first kettlebell club in Edinburgh. As a team we would travel around the country, taking part in various kettlebell competition.
I don’t compete in kettlebell sport anymore, my focus is on long distance triathlon now, but I still use kettlebells regularly; for my training and during the classes and personal training. It is such a versatile tool. And my back loves it!
And my lower back, I haven’t had any problems with it for years! 
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