One of The Best Strategies For Happy, Meaningful Life

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Somewhere, in the deep belly of the city, the cohort of evil advertisers gather day and night to find the new ways of shifting more stuff. They are very successful, some of the brightest brains work there.

When we don’t need something, they will create that need for us. They will try different strategies until they hit the right key until they find the right emotion to play on. And then they will keep pressing on it.

Our world is focused on adding, the worldwide consumption is skyrocketing. And we can afford more things. But at the same time more people than ever feel empty inside, depressed, not happy with their lives.

We like to believe that we are smart, that we know better, that we are immune to advertising and trends.

We buy anyway.

New things, new gadgets, we buy, we consume, more stuff is always better.

We keep consuming because we believe that new things will bring us happiness. This is only the illusion, and we fall for it again, and again.


Putting on new jordans will not make you a better basketball player.

Buying a new car will not make you feel better.

Getting the newest phone will not make you a better friend.


Stop and think. Look around you and notice what is unnecessary in your environment, and get rid of it. You will feel lighter. Your head will open. By limiting the number of things, you are forced to be more creative.

Now you have more time, more energy so you can focus on what’s important to you.

Want to be better at basketball; practice more, your current shoes are good enough.

Want to feel better? Go for a walk, move your body, cycle; it’s much cheaper and better for the environment that the car anyway.

Want to feel connected and loved? Invest in building long-lasting relationships, create a community. Love and be loved, the money cannot buy it.



This blog post was influenced by Rich Roll podcast with JOHANN HARI
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