How To Swim With Effortless Speed?

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During the last swimming lesson, my coach Alex has introduced me to the idea of the effortless speed.

The effortless speed is the time between the strokes when you glide, well balanced and taught. It is the time when you do nothing, and yet, still move forward.

I have struggled, my brain could grasp this idea.

According to Alex, that’s normal; we are wired to think that more action, more struggle always equals better result.

Not in swimming.

You cannot win the fight with the water. You will only get tired, very quickly, with burst shoulders, gasping for the air.

To be efficient, one needs to learn how to make water work for him. Alex talked about the empty space, just after finishing the stroke, when you feel zero resistance, and you glide.

He also told me a story from his performance swimming past, when he realised that less is more.

For all his career he fought the water, trying to be as strong as possible. A large catch, huge pull, maximum effort during the training sessions, always first in and last out from the water, this kind of type. He could not understand how some of his friends, much less dedicated, skivers he called them, who would skip the hard sessions or sets, would always be quicker at the major events. They swim differently, with more finesse, like a fish.

Eventually, Alex has changed his style and beat all his PBs.

The bottom line is:

1. I have to swim more! 🙂

2. Not all the efforts are equal.

Me and Alex

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