Best Turbo Trainer Software 2019: Zwift vs Trainerroad vs Sufferfest? 

Zwift, Trainerroad, Sufferfest?

Those are 3 the most know turbo trainer apps on the market. They all are very good, and regardless of the app, you will get a good workout.

However,  which one is the best?

Well, this depends on your goals!



I have been using Trainerroad extensively during the preparation for Ironman Copenhagen 2018. I liked the simplicity of the programme, you just follow the numbers on the screen. Trainerroad has hands down the best programs for cycling and triathlon, and I like the coaching aspect too.

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It is like a game. You have your avatar, you get the points. You can race people from all around the world. The community aspect of Zwift is huge, there are always more than 3k live cyclist at any given moment.

It is a great app for a long steady workout when is chocking down in buckets outside.

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It is not a joke. I have never been more exhausted in my life. Those programs are brutal and will push you to the maximum. And they are short, perfect if you have little time for training.

With Sufferfest you get the fantastic videos from Profesional racing circuit, pumping music and few jokes in between. It’s quite addictive actually!

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So which App is the best?

For structured programme – Trainnerroad

For immersive experience – Zwift

For pain and quick results – Sufferfest

All 3 programs offer a free trial, so you can test them before making the final decision.

Personally, at this moment I am using Perfpro or Zwift for cardio/recovery rides and I coach/attend 2x Turbo Cycle Classes per week, where you get all the benefits of turbo session plus the buzz of the real people in the room! 🙂


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