How To Slow Down The Time?

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Do you ever feel that life goes too fast?

That the days, weeks and months pass by like a midnight train, yesterday looks exactly like today before, and tomorrow will look like today?

Me too. But I think I know how to slow the time down on its tracks.

It’s not hocus pocus, there is no magic or secret here, I don’t claim that I discovered the fountain of youth. No, it is much simpler than this.

You see, I love life. I love every second of it, every aspect of it. I cannot have enough of the experiences the life can offer me.

Recently, during our holidays in Gran Canaria, I have observed that further, I drift from the comfort and the known, the better and more vivid memories I have. Time magically stops, and I am indeed in the moment.

To give you an example, I will never forget this wild camp at the beach, scary and fascinating at the same time; those stars above our heads, for hours; the crashing waves just meters from our heads.
I will never forget this bitter cold, total darkens and the moon rise and the warm morning sun leaping from behind the rocks, bringing joy.
The other nights, those spent in the more comfortable camping zones, aren’t that vivid.
Also, the only run I remember, and we run almost every day here, is the most extreme one. We got lost, and we run further and longer than before. It was again dark, cold and scary, it has pushed us to the edge. We have both paid the high price, both ending up with the cold and running nose, but it was so worth it.

Those events made me wonder. What if I had experiences like this more often? Would I remember them all? Would stamping my timeline with incredible adventures trick my internal clock to slow down?

And here it comes my new year’s resolution.
I hope to live my life more adventurously this year, more extreme. I will be open to discomfort, I will welcome it and engage with it.
Does it mean I plan to climb mountains and dive deep seas every day? Certainly not!
But on my path, I will not leave stones unturned. I will never pass the opportunity of being useful and helpful, gentle and kind. The time with friends will always be above the Netflix, and I will eliminate “I cannot be bothered” and “I cannot” from my dictionary.

I wish you the same!
Be bold, be adventures, be strong, be amazing, be you!


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