Terrible Night’s Sleep

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Fasting Day 3. You can read about day 2 here: https://stelmachowski.live/2018/11/fasting-first-proper-day.html

Yesterday night was disturbingly terrible. I woke up several times, from massive back pain. It was a foreign, dull pain from my sacrum going down to my legs and around my buttocks and lower back. It would almost disappear when I stood up or walked.

In the morning, I was advised by a wise friend that this is common during the fast, and there is nothing to be afraid of. There are different theories, none of them are confirmed.

There are many different explanations to this pain. It could be a liver detoxing, or electrolyte deficiencies, or bone marrow replenishing or lastly, it could be a high level of acidity in the muscles.

The bottom line is there is no one single explanation.

All one can do is to hydrate well, put the heat on the back and move. Sooner or later the pain will disappear. It’s almost 6pm, and there is still something there, but much quieter and it doesn’t bother me that much anymore.

The day started well with an 8 am Strength Club class at Fitness Soul. It was strange to skip the morning coffee, but I felt surprisingly well.

I managed to sneak in a couple of set of pull-ups and deadlifts during the class, and I was positively surprised. It seems that I didn’t lose any strength. It felt good.

All day was a massive energy roller coaster. I felt great for a moment to feel awful a couple of moments later. I napped a lot. Watched a couple Netflix movies. Being lazy and sluggish.

I don’t know me like this. It’s never me.

We are sitting in front of each other, behind the kitchen table, with a cup of steaming, clear vegetable broth, our only food today, laughing how miserable we look and feel. And Joanna is the one to blame. She wanted to do this fasting thing, I was dragged in.

In her defence, she said I don’t have to, that I can do what I wanted, but I felt obliged.

We are in this together, for good and bad.
I cannot say I love the process so far but it is definitely a grand ”self-finding” experiment.
It feels like I am leaving the past behind and starting again, with a cleaner body, and fresh, focused mind. Like going through some kind of metamorphosis…

Tomorrow will be day 4 of our fast and day 3 of not eating. I am looking forward to it. We agreed this will be our last day. This time.

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