Let Me Tell You About The Magic Diet

This magic shake is so good and potent that you cannot buy it in the shop.

The product is so popular and high on demand that you can only get it from the dealer, at the premium price.

You might have suspicions, you might feel that something is fishy. But you want to change, right now!

You are determined. You want to feel and look better, now, and you have heard all the fantastic stories about this shake. Look, even Messi drinks it, it must be good!

So you splash the cash.

Then, after a couple of weeks, you realise that the product doesn’t really work. You still feel bad, even worse than before; the unwanted kilos didn’t miraculously disappear, your skin is still saggy and tired.

It’s turned out, that your beloved shake, which you have drunk religiously every morning, is full of chemicals and artificial stuff, so far removed from the normal food, that it’s should be banned for human consumption.

You have been conned.

It would be great if you could quit now.

But it’s too late for you. You have invested too much, you are too engaged. You have filled your social media and your friend’s heads with the product, you cannot back off now, you need to dig deeper.

You take another terrible step. You jump in, head first, and you become a dealer yourself.

You aggressively push this ”incredible opportunity” on your friends and family, talking a lot about a ”fantastic business opportunity”, about ”becoming your own boss”, about ”financial freedom” and the future holidays with your new found family.

Yet, deep, down there you know, this is a big fat lie and the moment you get your money back, after scamming many innocent people, you plan to quit.

Now you might ask, how do I know that?

Many years ago, in the moment of massive stupidity, greed and goodwill, I had joined, for the very brief moment, such a cult. I became their dealer and evangelist.

Lucky I quickly realised that it’s not for me. I couldn’t do it, for my own health sake and integrity.

Lucky, I wasn’t also very successful in selling, and those who have brought from me, I am really sorry. I didn’t know better.

The moral of this story is simple.

When it comes to diet and healthy eating, there are no shortcuts. There is no magic formula. There is no magic pill to burn off all your unwanted fat and to create a six-pack.

But wait, there is hope!

You can start eating better, right now. It’s not that complicated, you don’t need to follow any plan or diet. Give yourself time and don’t expect quick miracles.

Changing eating habits and relationship with food takes time, from 6 months to a couple of years. It dependents of your own circumstances.

Once you start, you are on the winning path. You will get better.

The food choices suddenly become easy. Eating well become easy.

You will still binge but on carrots and greens. No sweet cravings, no late night eating. You will have a healthy relationship with food, you will eat what you want because you will only want to eat fresh, healthy stuff.

It is a long journey, but very rewarding.

Ready to start? This is how you can get involved.

Couple of us, my wife, I, coaches and Fitness Soul regulars, decided to challenge our eating habits, all before Christmas. We want to give ourselves a headstart before so dreaded New Year’s Resolutions. We want to walk into 2019 with a new, healthier way of eating. And this challenge perfectly correlates with my Precision Nutrition Qualification which I am about to finish. I love this course, and wow I am eager to test my new skills on a few guinea pigs. You can be one of them! (The Challenge is FREE. Well at least for the first time :p)

Get in touch for details.

By The Kreative Athlete

I help busy professionals get strong, improve their movement quality and eat better so they can feel physically and mentally strong and achieve their goals.

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