The gut feeling

Do you get this feeling in your gut, this voice which tells you what you should do?
This is what’s happens when you decide to ignore it.

2h before leaving to Wales the parcel came through. My new swimming gadget,  a pull bouy, which I was waiting for a couple of days eventually arrived and I wanted to gave it a go, now!
I knew,  I shouldn’t go to the pool,  there was no enough time and I knew I would be rushing.
But guess what,  I went anyway!
Joanna gaves me a lift. On the way to the pool I realised I have forgotten my googles…
Clear hint,  but no,  it didn’t put me off, yet.
My need for trying a new toy was bigger than that!
Joanna was so kind,  she gaves me lift back home and she even waited for me.
With googles in my hand I rushed to the pool. Yes,  I’ve made it!
But wait,  what the heck, something is wrong. And where are the lines?! Very loud 80s music and 20 jumping ladies… Aquaaerobik,  I’ve lost that battle.


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