I help busy people to get stronger, improve their movement quality and eat better so they can feel physically and mentally strong & achieve all their goals.

Dream Big and Become!

Ironman Triathlon. 3.8km swim. 180km cycle. 42km run in one day. For the outsiders, this is pure madness. It was impossible for me too. And then I did it. In 2016 I didn’t know anyone Read more…

Face your fears

I believe that your body has untapped reservoirs of awesomeness. You need to find a way to wake it up. It will not happen in comfort, you need to go beyond, to unknown.

Please Forgive My Monkey!

I discovered, after many years of living with her, that my only option is to ignore her. I cannot shut her, but I don’t have to listen to her either. So I keep doing what works for me. I train, have fun and I only compare to myself from yesterday.