I help busy people to get stronger, improve their movement quality and eat better so they can feel physically and mentally strong & achieve all their goals.


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Ironman Italy 2018

After training with, being coached by, travelling alongside and competing in the same Ironman (Italy 2018), I can’t praise Leszek highly enough for his knowledge of coaching and competing in the…
getting ready for norseman

Norseman 2019

Extreme Triathlon Training Plan Leszek has set me up with a simple but effective programme involving the development of technique at the start and then gradually building weight as we…
triathlon coaching in edinburgh

The City to Summit

The City to Summit was my first endurance event and I got in touch with Leszek only 4 months before the challenge.

Improve My Running

How I improved my running in short 6 weeks?! From all the sports I have ever done, and I’ve done lots, from squash, football, handball to skiing and pole-vaulting, running was something I have never Read more…

Strength Training For Swimming

Chat with my swimming coach about the importance of strength training for better swimming. What specific strength training routines help benefit strength for the swim portion of the triathlon. How do you build swim strength Read more…